Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy

The burning of fossil fuels pollutes the air and contributes to global warming. Time to get rid of this ancient energy source, and use energy more efficiently:
• Installed solar cells on the guesthouse rooftops
• Optimised the ventilation, air-conditioning and heating of building management systems
• Reduced the brightness of computer screens
• Installed automatic movement sensors to switch off lights in buildings
• Turn PCs off or into stand-by mode when idle


Water heating accounts for approximately 30% of the total energy used in a typical single-family home. An electric water heater is the single biggest energy user of all appliances in the home. Balmoral Lodge has invested in:

• Solar Geysers
• Ring main water pumps for efficient water circulation
• Geyserwise geyser timers for manual overide
• Hot water pipe insulation

Gardening, landscape and biodiversity
Gardening, landscape and biodiversity

Time to get outdoors, enjoy some fresh air, and create something practical with your hands, we have:

• Built a guesthouse garden with succulents which in return provide low water consumption
• Introduce non-toxic cleaning products for housekeeping
• Constructed hydroponic gardens to literally have a green guesthouse and contribute to our organic meals prepared daily.

Rain water Harvesting
Rain water Harvesting

Water is a beautiful resource that gives birth to life on this planet. What a shame to waste it! We are
• Storing rainwater from rooftops in tanks
• Have Installed water saving devices in toilets,taps and showers
• Have Installed water refill stations


Our current economic model takes natural resources as inputs and creates waste as outputs. A circular economy aims to eliminate the idea of waste. Here is what we have done help promote recycling at Balmoral Lodge:

• Set-up recycling stations for glass,cool drink cans and paper throughout the guesthouse
• Implemented an e-waste policy to properly recycle electronic waste
• Donated old but still functioning electronic devices to charity

Organic Food
Organic Food

Industrial agriculture harms animals and nature through the use of pesticides, artificial fertilisers and genetically modified crops. We are making difference, by promoting sustainable food options such as:

• Working with local farmers to allow staff to buy bags with organic, local and sustainable food every week
• Working with our chef to introduce more vegetarian, organic, local, fair-trade and vegan meals.
• Allow guests to serve meals themselves, e.g. through buffet style dining options, to reduce food waste

Accordingly, we embrace our responsibility for environmental stewardship and are committed to integrating leading environmental practices and sustainability principles into our core business strategy. Through collaboration with our hotel owners, suppliers and business partners, we actively work to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities and continually improve and innovate on practices. The concept of Balmoral Lodge is aimed at being sustainable guesthouse. The idea of a green Guesthouse explicitly focuses on improving the impact that buildings and the guests have on the environment. Balmoral Lodge has invested in sustainable projects such as: Organic food Renewable energy Gardening, landscape and biodiversity Low-carbon transport Clean water Recycling


  • Thank you for the lovely short stay at Balmoral.... I will be back. I believe you went the extra mile to make my stay one of the best ones at a BB in a long while and I travel and stay at a lot of places.

    Beverley Terry
  • Either for business of leisure, Balmoral lodge is the perfect place. Whether traveling alone or with family. What makes it perfect is the homely environment they have created. The kitchen and the lounge makes it easier for you to prepare meals rather than eating out always and you can interact with other guests and never feel alone.

    Meshack T
  • We held a training session for international clients at the Lodge and everyone rated it as a wonderful experience to stay at the Balmoral Lodge and we will be using the Lodge again for all our international training events in the future. Well done to the helpful staff you made it feel like a home away from home.

    Balmoral Lodge Guest
  • It has been a long time since I have been to such an impressive stay over establishment, and will return here again and again. The Lodge is extremely well organised and a must visit for holiday and business visitors. Thanks for such a very professional private stay over and all the best on your way forward. Hotel groups can come and educate themselves at your lodge.

    Balmoral Lodge Guest
  • Awesome lodge. It really feels like home away from home. the staff were so friendly and helpful the room we booked was everything and more we expected. Was truly a great say. We will visit them again.

    Andre T
  • Balmoral Lodge was perfectly situated for our weekend conference that we attended. The Staff were excellent and helpful. The Reception area was professional, the parking great and i loved all the artwork displayed. The breakfast was really lovely and everything to suit a healthy choice or a full English Breakfast.

  • As Always my visit to Balmoral was excellent. The staff, the rooms and the overall stay outdid any other place in SA Well done Balmoral and keep up the good work!

    Tim Musto
  • The services and staff assistance, was like a family atmosphere. The car rental was the cherry on top. I will definitely go back for a holiday and stay at the Balmoral Lodge.

    Balmoral Lodge Guest
  • Balmoral Lodge has a great Conference facility. There are everything you need, friendly and helpful staff and the location is very central and easy to find. I will also recommend it to out of town colleagues for accommodation.

    Balmoral Lodge Guest
  • All staff are very professional and always willing to lend a helping hand. From breakfast to bedtime the staff where very friendly and making you feel at home. The quality of the food and service are of very high standards.

    Balmoral Lodge Guest



Balmoral Lodge Airport Transfers

Balmoral Lodge is conveniently located 13km from Cape Town International Airport. We also offer shuttle services in and around Cape Town, seven days a week. We use our own vehicles with qualified and reliable drivers. If you would prefer to hire your own vehicle, we will arrange one to suit your needs.

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